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Soak Cucumber in Drinking Water, Feel the Benefits

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 - READING

Soak Cucumber in Drinking Water, Feel the Benefits

Cucumber in Drinking Water, Feel the Benefits

Putting a few slices of maximum in drinking water and left for 12 hours is the same as protecting yourself from various diseases and malnutrition. At present, it is indeed a trend to soak various fruits in drinking water or commonly called infused water. Apparently, not only oranges are good for soaking in drinking water.


Cucumber water does not only play a role in refreshing the body. But cucumbers which are rich in vitamins C, K, B vitamins, potassium, antioxidants, manganese, and copper can really keep you fit. Here’s the reason why you should drink cucumber water.


Good for bones and muscles


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Cucumber functions to strengthen connective tissue and make your bones healthy. This is because cucumber is rich in silica which is important for the development of connective tissue. So that your bones and muscles remain strong.


Strengthens Immunity


Vitamins contained in cucumber water include vitamin C and vitamin B complex. This helps to increase your body’s immunity. Vitamin C improves the healing process and maintains fitness.


Cleanse the body


Cucumber water has a detoxifying effect because it removes all the accumulated toxins from your body. This also includes cleaning the liver and removing all metabolites. Cucumber water really helps your body’s organs to work more effectively.


Reducing Bad Cholesterol


Sterols that are present in cucumber water can help remove bad cholesterol from the body. Thus, cucumber water can prevent you from heart disease and high blood pressure. Cucumbers also reduce the stiffness of your blood vessels so that blood flow is more smooth.


Helps Fight Cancer


High levels of antioxidants such as pinoresinol and so on are present in cucumber water to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. These antioxidants are beneficial in removing free radicals from the body which cause cell damage and cancer.


Make a healthy kidney


Cucumber reduces the level of uric acid from your body which is responsible for causing gout. In addition, cucumber water removes creatinine, uric acid, and other waste products that accumulate in the kidneys.


Eliminate bad breath


Bad breath is caused by bacteria present in your mouth. Cucumbers have phytochemicals that can kill bacteria in your mouth. Thus, your mouth will stay fresh throughout the day.


Protect the brain


Anti-inflammatory substances, Fisetin is in cucumbers which have the role of improving brain health and reducing all inflammation. Cucumber water can also prevent brain damage by increasing blood flow to the brain.


Good for Skin and Hair


The antioxidants present in cucumbers that are washed in water keep your skin to stay shiny and always fresh. Silicon and sulfur in cucumbers can also promote faster hair growth

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