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Myths and Benefits of Pineapple Fruit for Women

Thursday, April 4th, 2019 - READING

Myths and Benefits of Pineapple Fruit for Women

Benefits of Pineapple Fruit for Women

Pineapple fruit has a distinctive flavor and fragrant aroma. These tropical fruits can be consumed fresh, cooked, or made into juice, so it’s not surprising that many people like this fruit.

But did you know that pineapple also does not escape from various myths?

Here are the myths and facts of pineapple for women.

Myth # 1 Pineapple fruit can cause miscarriages

Consuming pineapple can make pregnant women miscarriage, especially in the first trimester.


There are no studies that prove that pineapple is able to abort.

Fetuses are formed from proteins and pineapples containing the enzyme bromelain which can break down protein but the amount is very small, so it is still safe to consume in reasonable amounts.

So, avoid eating 7 to 10 pineapple at the same time to keep it safe.

Myth # 2 Pineapple causes contractions

Young pineapple causes contractions in pregnant women.


Contractions do not occur because of the side effects of consuming young pineapple, but due to a weakening of the womb after consuming certain foods, including pineapple fruit which makes the mother unable to resist contractions.

So that pineapple fruit can be used to help assist the labor process because the enzyme bromelain is able to soften the cervix and trigger contractions.

Myth # 3 Pineapple fruit makes vaginal taste and aroma more tempting

Eating pineapple can increase the taste and aroma of the vagina to be more tempting.


Eating foods that have a sharp fragrance such as pineapple can affect body fluids such as sweat and fluid coming out of the vagina. But this will not give results quickly because the body must digest pineapple first.

Pineapple fruit will also not make the vaginal taste better because according to Dr. Melissa Keene from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, no food has been proven to be able to do that.

Myth # 4 Pineapple juice is a natural fat burner

Pineapple juice is useful as a natural fat burner.


According to The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, there is no food that can burn fat and lose weight.

However, fresh pineapple can be one food to consume if you want to have a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of pineapple for the body.

Not only covered by various myths, but pineapple also has many benefits that are good for the body, including for beauty.

Benefit # 1

The content of vitamins and flavonoids in pineapple is effective in reducing anxiety, making it suitable for consumption for those who are worried about something.

Benefit # 2

One of the other properties of pineapple is to strengthen bones because they contain calcium and manganese which can repair tissue damage and grow new bones.

Benefit # 3

Apart from being filled with various vitamins and minerals, this South American fruit is also free of fat and cholesterol, so pineapple is a useful alternative to healthy snacks to be eaten in the afternoon.

So, there is no need to worry if you hear various myths about pineapple because the fruit is still safe for consumption and even provides good benefits for the body.

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