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Must Know, 6 Benefits of Avocados for Your Health and Beauty

Saturday, March 30th, 2019 - READING

Must Know, 6 Benefits of Avocados for Your Health and Beauty

Avocados are one of the tropical fruits that are nutritious and also vitamins and have good fat content which is quite high. This fruit is a favorite fruit because it has many benefits for body health and for beauty.

Here is a review of the 6 benefits of avocados for health and beauty. Can be naturally beautiful without having to go to the salon!


  1. Prevent depression

Avocado can also be used to overcome depression, why is that? Because avocados contain lots of magnesium which is good for maintaining your mental health and you can also avoid stress and depression.

If you lack magnesium, your anxiety level will be higher, it is difficult to sleep at night and you will be vulnerable to stress and also prone to depression.

Besides containing lots of magnesium, avocados also contain lots of vitamin B which functions to release neutrons like serotonin and dopamine. This flow of dopamine and serotonin can later reduce excessive anxiety.

  1. Prevent cataracts

Carrots are believed to be the fruit that has the most important role for eye health, but actually not like that because based on research from experts, avocados are the stronger ones that have an important role for eye health especially to prevent cataracts.

Avocados contain two types of antioxidants that are beneficial for eye health, namely lutein and zeaxanthin. Based on research from experts, these two antioxidants can help reduce a person’s risk of developing cataract eye disease which is generally common among the elderly.

  1. For fetal development

Avocados have many benefits, if consumed by pregnant women, one of which is calcium intake will be fulfilled properly. Calcium functions for growth and bone formation, and if the calcium intake is fulfilled properly then the baby will be born healthy, strong and also perfect.

  1. Scalp care

Avocados can also be used for hair care, namely by processing it into a mask that will later function to stimulate hair growth and also can make hair softer and shiny.

The nutrients in avocados have important ingredients needed by the scalp which function to stimulate hair growth and natural oils in avocados that contain effective vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids to make hair softer and shiny. Wow, it can be a shampoo advertising model!

  1. Make skin glow and youthful

Avocado is often used as a mask for skin beauty, but one of the functions of this avocado mask is to make the skin glow and stay young.

The content of vitamin E in avocados has a function to brighten the skin and eliminate dead skin cells so that the skin becomes shiny and youthful.

  1. Reduces wrinkles on the eyelids

More dizzy because the eyelids have a lot of wrinkles? The solution is to make a mask of avocado. Avocado masks are believed to be more effective for removing wrinkles on the eyelids.

The content in avocados such as hydratingfats, fatty acids, and vitamin E can moisturize the skin so it does not dry out and make the skin tighter.

That’s the 6 benefits of avocado for health and beauty, routine consumption of avocados to maintain your health and beauty!

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