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How to Select, Store and Use Tomatoes

Friday, April 5th, 2019 - READING

How to Select, Store and Use Tomatoes

How to Select, Store and Use Tomatoes

Here are some ways you need to pay attention to how to choose good tomatoes, how to store tomatoes safely, and how to use tomatoes correctly:

  1. Choose good tomatoes

Here are the characteristics of good quality tomatoes:

Tomatoes are available throughout the year fresh and preserved in traditional markets to supermarkets. There are thousands of tomato varieties available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Two common forms of tomatoes are round or pear-shaped and are sized like cherries. Choose tomatoes rich in color like dark red, colored like fresh oranges.

Tomatoes are also available in yellow and purple, but these are less acidic so they don’t have a lot of flavors.

Tomatoes are always in good shape, without curves, cracks, or bruises.

Tomato skin must be tight and not soft or wrinkled. Fresh and cooked tomatoes produce a little pressure and give off a sweet aroma.

  1. How to store tomatoes

Here’s how to store tomatoes properly and correctly so that the benefits of tomatoes stay awake:

Tomatoes are quite sensitive to cold because they can inhibit the ripening process and even reduce the taste.

Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and consume it as early as possible.

Buy ripe tomatoes on the tree because sugar, acid, and aroma compounds remain intact in cooked tomatoes. Avoid buying tomatoes that are too ripe and soft.

If you accidentally bought a slightly raw tomato, wrap it in a paper bag with a banana or apple and leave it overnight. Ethylene gas released by these fruits will speed up the ripening process. Store in the refrigerator after cooking, where the tomatoes will remain fresh for another 2 to 3 days.

Remove the tomatoes from the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before using them because this will improve the taste and freshness.

When buying tomato sauce, buy only organic tomato sauce to avoid unwanted pesticide residues and other contaminants. Overcooked tomatoes are easily damaged and must be stored in the refrigerator.

The high acid content of tomatoes is the main reason that tomatoes are canned more than other fruits or vegetables. Canned tomatoes are available in many varieties such as whole, chopped, crushed, and mashed and like sauce. Canned tomatoes that have not been opened can be consumed within six months, while tomatoes that are opened must be consumed within a week.

You can also freeze it if the tomatoes are excessive. Freezing will not change the taste or texture of tomatoes. All you need to do is wash it thoroughly and dry it.

  1. How to use tomatoes

The use of this versatile “vegetable” is unlimited. Tomatoes are widely used in cooking and are a staple food in cooking. Tomatoes are mixed with other ingredients to enhance the taste of the dish. Green tomatoes are used for stir-fry and pickles in dishes.

Tomato juice is increasingly popular as a popular health drink. Choose organic tomato juice because it contains three times more lycopene than ordinary tomatoes.

Ordinary tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes are used in salad and sandwich dishes.

You can also boil tomatoes to prepare tomato soup, sauce and other grilled dishes. Homemade tomato sauces are far better than those available on the market.

That is the benefit of tomatoes for health that you can get and how to choose to use tomatoes. While it’s easy to get, let’s start now diligently eating tomatoes, Healthy Friends!

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  • How to Select, Store and Use Tomatoes
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