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Benefits of Avocado Fruit for Hair Health

Sunday, March 31st, 2019 - READING

Benefits of Avocado Fruit for Hair Health

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Avocados have the scientific name Persea Americana, the fruit was originally introduced by a leader of the Spanish forces to the European nation in 1519. Avocados can finally spread throughout the Spanish colonies in the world, including in Indonesia. Avocados have yellowish green fruit skin and yellowish green flesh.


Avocado is very soft, so it’s good to use as a mask. Avocados contain many nutrients, such as calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, water, and fiber. All the nutrients contained in the avocado are very good for the health of the body.



Avocados in addition to the fruit which tastes really delicious, it has many benefits other than as fruit, which is beneficial for hair. Beautiful and healthy hair is the dream of many people, both men, and women, but a woman usually pays more attention to the appearance and health of hair because, for a woman, hair is a crown. The crown will always be maintained in appearance and health.


Now there are many hair care products that we can practically use to treat our hair, but these products certainly cannot be free from chemicals that can damage hair in long-term use. If you want to take care of your hair to stay healthy, you can use natural ingredients such as avocados to treat the appearance and health of your hair. Here are some of the benefits of avocado for hair:


  1. Restores the shine of hair


Delicious avocado meat contains antioxidants and compounds in the fruit. This makes the avocado able to restore the luster of hair loss due to damaged hair. The strength of the hair will return so that the hair becomes shinier and looks healthier. Dull hair will certainly look ugly and unhealthy. Everyone would want to have healthy hair and if possible a shiny one so that they look prettier. The content of antioxidants and compounds in avocados will have the effect of shining on the hair so that your hair will look healthy, natural glow.


  1. Strengthens hair


Fragile hair will easily fall off so that the hair becomes a little. Hair loss indicates that the health condition of the hair is low. You don’t need to worry because you can restore the strength of your hair by using avocados. The content contained in avocado meat will be able to work in strengthening hair so that the hair is not brittle and easily fall off. Your hair will grow thick and healthy.


  1. Improve the texture of the hair shaft


Our hair is often exposed to sunlight and pollution or other substances that are not good for hair health so that it can make the hair shaft texture fragile and if left unchecked it can make hair damaged due to various other hair problems. To improve the texture of damaged hair, you can use avocado as a hair mask so that your hair shaft is healthy again. If your hair is not damaged, your hair will return to health and look natural.


  1. Overcoming hair loss


Hair loss is a problem that many women experience. Especially women who have long hair. Hair loss can reduce your confidence because if you are traveling you can stick to the shirt. To reduce and overcome hair loss, you do not need to worry, because you can use avocado masks to strengthen the hair roots so that hair loss will be reduced. Your hair loss problem will be resolved soon and confident you will come back again. You can be


  1. Overcome dry hair


Dry hair will make hair look ugly. The hair will look tangled and limp. Dry hair can be overcome with avocado ascers used in hair so that it can restore hair health so that dry hair problems can be overcome without any other side effects. Many products are produced to deal with dry hair but sometimes dry hair is overcome but other problems arise such as dandruff. So using avocado masks will be safer and get good results as desired.

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