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10 Benefits of Avocado Seeds for Health.

Saturday, March 30th, 2019 - READING

10 Benefits of Avocado Seeds for Health.

benefit of avocado seed

Avocados or avocados are popular fruits for consumption as food and beverages such as salads, juices, ice, smoothies, and other processed foods. The avocado part that is enjoyed is, of course, the flesh is greenish yellow. Its soft texture and slightly sweet taste make this fruit suitable to be processed into various foods. But there is one that is forgotten, the benefits of avocado seeds.

Usually, you will throw away avocado seeds because they are considered useless, right? Don’t get me wrong, it turns out that avocado seeds are as beneficial as the meat. What are the benefits of avocado seeds?

10 Benefits of Avocado Seeds for Body Health

Avocado seed extract has been used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) in Nigeria. During this time avocado seeds are considered not useful, and preliminary research shows that avocado seeds may have several health benefits. The following are 10 benefits of avocado seeds that have the potential to overcome various diseases:

  1. Preventing high blood pressure

As mentioned, the benefits of avocado seeds can control high blood pressure to stay normal. Avocados contain potassium which can control blood pressure by maintaining the flexibility of arteries. Therefore, eating avocado seeds that have been extracted can help you avoid high blood pressure.


  1. Overcoming ulcer disease

An ulcer is a disease that is often experienced by most people. Diseases associated with the digestive system often make sufferers feel pain in the pit of the stomach, even limp and vomiting. Therefore, you must anticipate ulcer disease by eating foods that can prevent ulcer disease from coming back. The benefits of avocado seeds can also overcome and prevent ulcer disease.


  1. Maintain endurance

No one wants to get sick. One of the best ways to avoid the body from disease is to eat healthy foods and herbal ingredients, one of which is avocado seeds. The efficacy of avocado seeds can maintain the body’s resistance to avoid various diseases, because of the high content of antioxidants that can strengthen the immune system.

The antioxidant content in avocado seeds is around 70%. Therefore, the efficacy of avocado seeds can also ward off free radicals so that the body is not susceptible to disease and makes you more youthful.


  1. Cure inflammation

The benefits of avocado seeds for further health are healing inflammation. If you experience inflammation in the body, consume avocado seed extract which can make inflammation become better. The efficacy of avocado seeds for health is related to inflammation healing, due to the anti-inflammatory function of avocado seeds.


  1. Prevent cancer

There are many ways you can try to prevent cancer, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating cancer-preventing foods. Eating extract of avocado seeds on a regular basis can also help the body avoid cancer because the efficacy of avocado seeds can prevent cells from causing damage to cancer.

This dangerous disease can be prevented thanks to the content of antioxidants that can fight free radicals as a cause of cancer. Avocado seeds also contain flavonoids, substances that can prevent cancer.


  1. Anti-aging

It has been explained above that one of the benefits of avocado seeds for health is as an antioxidant. This is directly related to its function as anti-aging, which is to prevent premature aging. So, consume avocado seed extract regularly so you look young.


  1. Overcoming constipation

Avocado seeds contain very high natural fiber. Therefore, if you are experiencing conditions of constipation or constipation, you need to consider consuming avocado seed extract, because the efficacy of avocado seeds can facilitate digestion.

The benefits of avocado seeds for health can also nourish your stomach and intestines, so you avoid undesirable digestive diseases.


  1. Lose weight

Are you on a diet? If yes, it will be very appropriate if you choose to consume avocado seed extract. The benefits of avocado seeds can reduce weight, especially to support a diet program. The content of natural fiber from avocado seeds can make you feel full longer and your weight will gradually drop if you consume it regularly.


  1. Lowers high cholesterol

It is well known that avocado meat is a good source of monounsaturated fats and can help reduce levels of lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol) and can increase levels of lipoprotein (HDL or good cholesterol).

Avocado seeds also have cholesterol-lowering properties, because they contain nourishing oil and are rich in antioxidants which have the ability to reduce high cholesterol levels.


  1. Diabetes

The benefits of avocado seeds can further reduce blood sugar levels, which have been tested in diabetic rats. One study in these animals showed that avocado seeds were as effective as anti-diabetes drugs.

So, after knowing the 10 benefits of avocado seeds for health, still, want to throw avocado seeds?

Meanwhile, based on widely circulated news on social media, it was mentioned that kidney disease sufferers do not need to rush dialysis and only need to consume avocado seed extract regularly to cure this disease.

Is it true that avocado seeds can cure kidney disease?

Avocado Seeds and Kidney Disease

Leona Victoria Djajadi, MND, a health expert said that there have indeed been several health studies that mention many of the benefits of avocado seeds for health. It’s just that, studies of the benefits of avocado seeds for kidney stones have never been tested in rats or in humans. As a result, there is no clinical evidence that shows the fact that avocado seeds can treat kidney disease.

In a study conducted on experimental mice, it was found that avocado seed extract can indeed reduce blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and blood fat. These three things do have a close relationship with kidney disease.

Unfortunately, there are no studies that prove that if you drink avocado seed extract, the performance of the kidneys will be helped or kidney disease will heal. So, even though there are benefits of avocado seeds for health related to the reduction in blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood fat levels, we cannot conclude directly if the avocado seeds’ efficacy can directly have a positive impact on kidney disease.

While Jansen Ongko, MSc, RD, a nutrition health expert, also supported Leona’s statement. According to Jansen, indeed there are benefits of avocado seeds for kidney stones given the presence of healthy fat content that is very good for this organ. But unfortunately, there is no definitive scientific evidence about the benefits of avocado seeds for kidney disease

Means, the news circulating on social media turned out to be inaccurate and it was better for patients with kidney disease to keep checking their condition to the doctor to get the right treatment.

How to Eat Avocado Seeds

Avocado seeds are very hard and must be processed before they can be consumed. First, avocado seeds need to be dried in an oven at high temperatures for several hours. Avocado seeds are usually dried in an oven for two hours at 250 ° F (121 ° C).

The dried seeds are then chopped and blended until they are powdered. This powder can then be added to smoothies, oatmeals, soups, teas, sauces or other foods. Or just put half a teaspoon of avocado seed powder into a cup, pour hot water. Let the avocado seed powder settle for about 10 minutes.

It should be noted that the avocado seeds taste bitter. If you want to add it to a smoothie, make sure to balance the flavor until it’s sweet by adding fruits, like bananas or strawberries.

If you decide to try avocado seeds, maybe it’s best to only eat it occasionally to reduce the possibility of side effects.

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